Excited About: Austenland

I was suffering from Austenian fatigue around the time that Austenland came out. I’d tried Mr. Darcy’s Daughters, scoffed a little at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, watched Lost in Austen with mild interest/shame. There are so many Austen spinoffs around, I can’t keep up anymore.

But this trailer combined with the name Jerusha Hess caught my attention. Yesterday, I sat down and read Austenland in one fell swoop. It was easy, fast and fun – just what I needed after the serious(ish) nonfiction I’ve been reading lately.

Since I’m not really a movie person and I’m definitely not a chick flick person, it’s nice to be excited about something fun and easy; normally I’m more into the morose, the Shakespearean (but not this! never this! just…why), the teenage, the tragic.

I’ll take this confection for once, thank you very much.

Excited About: Austenland