Weekend Linkage: Just One Glass


  • Shut up and Write the Book – Austin Kleon – I need to print out the flowchart included in this post
  • What a Millennial Wants – Lindsay McComb “I admit, I don’t want the life that my parents had. I don’t expect to stay at the same job for years upon years. I want flexibility and more autonomy. I want to hear when I perform well.”
  • Daily Dishonesty – Lauren Hom One of my favorite things on the internet, which means I really need to hit up the shop.
  • Hiddles Poetry – Some internet genius/evil mastermind has compiled a YouTube playlist of Tom Hiddleston reading poetry. I have no words to describe the joy and despair this brings to the world.
  • Drafster.com – Kansas City’s beer menu aggregator, and also my new favorite site.
Weekend Linkage: Just One Glass