Sting wrote a musical: all is right in the world

Normally around this time of year, as the air gets cool and crisp and nature starts trying to murder everyone with pollen, I like to start annoying my friends with a little seasonal ditty of Sting’s called Soul Cake.

Soul Cake is from Sting’s album On A Winter’s Night and celebrates the extremely festive old-timey custom of  soul cakes. originating in the MIddle Ages. On All Saints Day (November 1), children would go door to door begging for souls cakes, simple cakes made with spices. “Souling,” as it was called, is considered by many to be the origin of our modern-day Halloween begging for candy.

Anyway, this is all build up to the point of this post. This year, just in time for my usual Soul Caking, Sting has released an album of songs from his new musical, The Last Ship.  

The Last Ship debuts in 2014 and “will explore the themes of homecoming and self-discovery, drawing upon Sting’s memories of growing up, and reminiscencing universal truths – the complexity of relationships, the passage of time and the importance of family and community.”


Shipyards! England! Hopefully a lot of scarves!

And therefore, I will be forcing everyone to list to this song this fall instead – though don’t be surprised if you still get Soul Caked too.

Sting wrote a musical: all is right in the world